Gabicce Mare

Gabicce Mare is a small town located right on the border between Emilia Romagna and Marche, of which it belongs, overlooking the sea is one of the best known seaside resorts of this stretch of coast, offers hospitality especially in the summer months and tourism is mainly of seaside character.

There are many families who rely on Gabicce Mare to spend their summer holidays. The very wide and golden beach, the clear and shallow water, protected by cliffs along the entire coast, make it a quiet place where even children can swim safely.

Gabicce Mare is also an extraordinary panoramic point , from the promontory of Gabicce Monte the gaze opens onto the entire Riviera Romagnola .

During the day the colors of the sea and the green of the vegetation will enchant you as well as the lights of the sunset and the night, many colored trails that are lost on the horizon.

In the area directly on the sea, tourists will find hotels and equipped bathing establishments, services and every kind of comfort , not to mention the thousands of opportunities for recreation and entertainment that are typical of this land.

The San Bartolo Park

Monte di Gabicce offers a unique microclimate, the light breeze that caresses the coast gives relief to the summer heat and a healthy effect that is also recommended by pediatricians.

If you dedicate some time to discovering the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park that laps Gabicce Marte, you will discover a truly unique nature reserve .

The luxuriant flora and fauna can be appreciated with beautiful walks along the many paths that crisscross the territory, the beautiful Via Panoramica , which can be traveled by car and for sports enthusiasts also by bicycle.

Along this road you will be delighted by the sudden glimpses that open onto the sea and the beauty of the cultivated hills, the wild woods and the ancient villages, Fiorenzuola di Focara, Casteldimezzo, are some examples.