Aquarium of Cattolica

The largest aquarium in the Adriatic awaits you with over 100 display tanks and 2,500,000 liters of sea water containing 3000 specimens of 400 different species. The four paths of the Cattolica Aquarium will lead you into a sea of ​​colors and fun: clown fish, turtles, jellyfish, chameleons, frogs, penguins and great bull sharks will help you to know the sea and love it.


Aquafan is rightly considered the No. 1 water park in Europe. Built in 1987 on the hill of Riccione, today it is a favorite destination for those - young and old - who want to experience emotions that go far beyond a simple water park. Aquafan is a pleasure trip capable of offering a real emotion to its public, through its fantastic slides (over 3 km long in total) and water games, its very pleasant green heritage, events, initiatives and many moments of involvement and animation.


Get on board and fly with us on the wings of adventure ... From the birth of the Earth, from the Oceans to the Adriatic Sea: Oltremare is a journey through Time and Space through adventurous paths and exciting encounters. A journey full of surprises, fun and discoveries !!!


Mirabilandia is simply the largest Italian amusement park. Located near Ravenna, it covers an area of ​​850.00 square meters. Mirabilandia offers hundreds of exciting entertainment and a series of attractions that make it a very popular destination throughout Europe. You can take a ride on the largest roller coaster in Europe or a trip to the impressive Ferris Wheel, immerse yourself in the futuristic atmospheres of Reset, Anno Zero and Mirabilandia Beach, the splendid tropical beach of the Park.

Italia in Miniatura

Italia in Miniatura is the theme park dedicated to the Italian historical, architectural and cultural heritage capable of merging fun with learning since 1970. Only here, in fact, in addition to experiencing great emotions, you can "travel" and even learn by walking among the 272 perfect scale reproductions of the architectural wonders of the beautiful country.


An ideal place for the whole family with over 30 attractions surrounded by 150,000 square meters of greenery and engaging live shows; fantasy and imagination come together to give you a truly special day!